We enjoy creating long-term working relationships with our clients. Read below to hear the history of our clientele.

The Valley Club of Montecito

We really appreciate the professional manner in which your firm completed this important project. You accomplished a very difficult restoration involving total green and bunker restoration while the Club maintained golf operations on temporary greens. This was quite an achievement!
I was very impressed with your teamwork on this project. Your personal, considerable efforts to insure that the finished product met our expectations were greatly appreciated. Your significant attention to detail, diligence and work ethic supported our decision to make Earth Sculptures Inc our choice to undertake this project. The product of your firm’s efforts will, undoubtedly, be recognized and enjoyed by our membership for many years to come.
— Parker Anderson, Green Chairman, THE VALLEY CLUB OF MONTECITO

ypress Point Club

The course was designed by Dr. Alister Mackenzie, originally seeded to fescue and bent grasses and opened in 1928. Features had changed through the years and the restoration plan was initiated to restore bunker shapes, replace lost bunkers and to move/ hide exposed cart paths back to the original photographs. Over the next 11 years, Roger was the sole contractor in all the restoration projects.
Communication is excellent- verbal commitments and handshakes actually mean something, which unfortunately has become rare in this era, but is a cornerstone of any project.
The lost art of quality control, attention to detail and striving to perfection is evident in Earth Sculptures and I heartily endorse Roger and his company - you will not be disappointed.
— Jeff Markow, Golf Course Superintendent

The Quarry at La Quinta

Roger Downing and his company have always provided The Quarry with prompt and quality service. Most notable to me has been the integrity, straight forwardness, and no nonsense approached of owner Roger Downing and his right hand man Mark Morgan. They have been willing to adapt to changing circumstances in the field and work in cooperation with the owner to achieve the objective. Earth Sculptures has become our “go to guy” for all golf course renovation projects. I would unequivocally recommend Earth Sculptures to anyone interested in contracting with a golf course construction company.
— Mark Smith, Golf Course Superintendent, THE QUARRY AT LA QUINTA

Claremont Country Club

It’s been 8 ½ years since the Restoration Project at Claremont began—and it is virtually unheard of in this day and age that one can say that it came in on time and significantly under budget. This unusual fact is in large measure due to the involvement of you personally and your crew.
As you – I have been involved in Claremont projects for many, many years. This project is one of the very few where I can say that we have not heard one single complaint about the design or work. Quite to the contrary- the membership has been enthusiastically excited about the restoration back to a 1926 Mackenzie design and the ingenuity of you personally. Your normal construction work is most definitely a contributor to the final cost, but your contributions in design ideas, rock work and creek preservation has been above and beyond—and much appreciated.
As you know—we expect to move forward on additional creek work so there is more work to do. We look forward to an on-going relationship with you and your organization, but since we have completed the basic plan—all of us want you to know how much we have appreciated your outstanding contribution. It simply would not have as it has without you!!!
Please feel free to have anyone contact me if they would like more details on our project. It has been a great pleasure working with you, Roger—- both personally and professionally.
— Donald F. Dorward, Past President and Past Green Chairman,CLAREMONT COUNTRY CLUB
Earth Sculptures Inc, has performed and finished all their work in a professional manner to the expectations we have held extremely high. Their workmanship is highly regarded; Earth Sculptures Inc. is top notch.
— Randy Gai, Golf Course Superintendent, CLAREMONT COUNTRY CLUB
I strongly believe that this project would not have turned out the way it did without Earth Sculptures and Roger Downing. Roger was given the liberty by the architect to virtually design the new lakes and design the routing of the creek. Roger was also responsible for the extensive rock work necessary in rerouting the creek and figuring out the layout and rerouting of the new cart paths, many of them cut into the side of extensive foothills. As with many projects that I have been involved with there were many changes and surprises during the course of the construction. Roger and his crew were very flexible and accommodating and concentrated on completing the task at hand.
The project was completed on time and on budget. Earth Sculptures is a special company that completed a special project at my club. I will always be grateful to Roger Downing for his personal involvement in the renovation of THE COUNTRY CLUB.
— Amedee Moran General Manager, THE COUNTRY CLUB OF SALT LAKE
Earth Sculptures, Inc. has been working at Bighorn Golf Club since May of 2000. They have performed all phases of golf course construction; and many of the projects were absent of an architect. I found all of their work to be performed in an excellent manner, finishing on time and on budget.
Earth Sculptures, Inc. has exceptional work ethics and extremely high standards. I would highly recommend this company for any phase of design-build type of construction project.
— Dave Lowe, Golf Course Manager, BIGHORN GOLF CLUB